I was born in Almaty, Kazakhstan (1980) to a family of two Soviet engineers and one curly haired boy. My mother had an incredible talent sewing and knitting our clothes while father was an amateur photographer who often would highjack our bathroom and convert it into a dark room.

I am most grateful to my parents for taking us traveling around the Soviet Union and once it collapsed, we were happy to cross the border from time to time. It gave me an opportunity to see other places, learn different cultures and just get the feel of the road.

I hold a BA degree in photojournalism and graphic design from Western Kentucky University and MA degree in visual communication/interactive multimedia from Ohio University.

I try not to label myself and explore various mediums of visual communication, applying what is the most appropriate for a given project. In the past I had an opportunity to work as a photo editor, graphic and page designer, web developer and a design instructor. I have a soft spot for photography and illustrations.